Lancova vas today

Today, Lancova vas is one of the biggest local communities in the municipality Videm. It is densely populated since it has over 100 house numbers. The old part of the village is located at the Polskava brook, the new houses are built along the main street. In the past, there were many farms in the village. Actually, almost every house was a small farm. Today, there are only a few farmers left. Some inhabitants make their living by agriculture and there are a few farmers who go to work as well. Children and young people attend schools in Ptuj, Maribor and Ljubljana.

Despite hard work people manage to attend various free-time activities in the village, such as the folkloristic, sports and ethnographic societies.
Throughout the year we carefully nurture and revive various folk customs.

Korant as a companion of the ploughmen

The carnival tradition as well as the choral and folklore tradition have their origin in the year 1931, when a carnival group of »ploughmen« (orači) in Lancova vas was put together. A year later this group introduced themselves at the carnival in Maribor. World war II stopped the group’s activities, but the ploughmen gathered together and participated in the first ever carnival parade in Ptuj, called »Kurentovanje« in 1960. Some photographs from around 1930 (PMPO Ptuj archive) have been preserved.

Orači in koranti Lancova vas 1930

FD Lancova vas, group Koranti

On the iniciative of the ploughmen from Lancova vas a folklore society was established in 1983. The society began to flourish and spread and today it combines a children’s and two adult folklore group, folk singers and musicians, »Korants« and »Lucije«. When performing at home, around Slovenia and abroad the members of the folkloristic society present a rich cultural heritage of Lancova vas and the neighbouring villages.