Korant from Lancova vas

The »korants« from Lancova vas are mighty demonic creatures, which arouse respect and fear at the same time. They bounce joyfully so that the cowbells can be heard. If a »korant« comes across an acquaintance, they shake hands as a token of friendship and benevolence.

The Korant from Lancova vas differs from the one from the Ptuj plain in some ethnologic details. It is the original korant from Haloze, the origin of whom is still unclear, but it definitely goes back a few centuries. In the Carnival season, young villagers from Lancova vas dress up as »korants«. The most special decoration is the head-mask, which is decorated with genuine cow’s horns and ears made of leather and fur.

Our group comes from a village called Lancova vas that was first mentioned in written sources in 1265. It was probably named after someone called Lanz and like many other villages around Ptuj it was a feudal estate of  the Lords of  Ptuj. In their times, a manor house called »Lančji dvor« was built. In 1473 the village belonged to Reinprecht of Hollenes, the owner of  Majšperk and after that the manor house fell into the hands of various owners, the last being Mosconi, who sold »Lančji dvor« to the lords of Turnišče in 1665.

Koranti Lanvova vas obhodi

Tours around the home village are of particular importance to our group. It is an annual tradition to visit the farms in Lancova vas, wish the landlord happy carnival time, good harvest and good luck at the house. We also like to dance with a girls and tease them. We are also one of the first groups enrolled in the list of intangible cultural heritage at the Ministry of Culture when we sought to enter the custom of patrolling the Koranot to the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.